Samaritan Health & Wellness: Three Years and Growing


The low-cost medical clinic for the working poor 

Samaritan Health & Wellness is a primary care and behavioral health clinic in Cape Coral that offers affordable healthcare to the uninsured. It offers full primary care services, in addition to a wide range of counseling and prevention programs.

Samaritan Health & Wellness was founded almost three years ago by Dr. Susan K. Hook. Hook, who has an advanced Doctor of Nursing Practice, previously worked at Lee Health. During her career in a traditional hospital setting, Hook became concerned about healthcare costs. She wanted to integrate holistic treatment into patient care. The center offers integrated health services focused on the mind, body and spirit, with Hook the primary care provider.

The Christ-centered nonprofit serves more than 4,000 patients through Samaritan’s primary care services. In addition, they have seven mental health and prevention programs provided by licensed medical, mental health and pastoral professionals. Offering affordable care is the center’s goal, with an initial visit priced at $55 and following visits at $50. The clinic offers SamariCARE, a healthcare plan available for the working uninsured and underinsured who struggle to access primary and behavioral care.

Board-certified advanced registered nurse practitioner Carmen M. Sylvester recently joined Samaritan following 18 years practicing in Lee and Collier counties. She is bringing her experience, compassion and broad knowledge to the center.

643 Cape Coral Pkwy E, Unit B * Cape Coral * (239) 257-3094 Samaritan Health & Wellness