Kindergarten’s Biggest Lesson

two kids sisters play together indoors

Did you learn how to share in Kindergarten? 

When you share it tells the person you care, creates a warm-fuzzy feeling, it brings you closer, etc. Sure we were sharing crayons, papers, scissors, etc. but we sure had fun.
Sharing content, Facebook posts, retweets, etc.
Today in business why aren’t we sharing? Is it because the stakes are bigger or we’re afraid to ask? All of our businesses would be more successful with sharing content, Facebook likes, re-tweets, website links, etc. with each other. Or is it because sharing is neither easy nor quick. I bet it will take more time to build shares but they are extremely important.

Let’s say 5 businesses share content with their customer bases. Let’s say each business has 250 contacts. That’s an additional 1,000 people that have viewed your work – that’s powerful.

With whom can you make contact to share today?