City Adopts Economic Development Master Plan

On Oct. 23, the Cape City Council adopted the Economic Development Master Plan that is titled “A Blueprint for Promoting Growth.” The master plan provides a framework for future development and targeted strategies to strengthen the commercial development outlook for Cape Coral and provide a more sustainable future.
The plan is broken into key strategies with associated action items that will be undertaken by the appropriate city departments.  Some of the suggested actions can be completed in the near future, while several actions will be long-term projects, such as utility installation and interstate connections. City departments will work on completing the actions in the coming months and years in order to ensure that Cape Coral has all the essential elements for a sustainable economy today and far into the future.
The key strategies that will help to lay the groundwork for a sustainable economic future include:
1) Identifying the city’s key development areas
2) Strengthening existing businesses within the city
3) Attracting ambitious entrepreneurs
4) Developing a pool of educated and skilled workers.
The Economic Development Master Plan also includes benchmarks to track the implementation progress. Having this plan in place ensures a clear direction for economic development regardless of turnover of staff and elected officials.  The plan is considered a somewhat fluid document which can be updated and augmented as needed over time.  The Economic Development Master Plan will soon be published and available on the city website. We will let you know when it’s posted and encourage your ideas, so please contact us with suggestions and feedback.
Dana Brunett
City of Cape Coral
Economic Development Manager