Protect Your Company Fleet with Comprehensive Commercial Automobile Insurance


With the rapid rise in prices for just about everything, the cost of doing business – any type of business – is becoming extremely expensive. And while this is not news to anyone who has been paying attention to the headlines on the financial pages for the past couple of years, the sad fact is that the economy is not where anyone would like it to make money and achieve success. In these troubled economic times, it can be especially tempting for a small business (or even just a business) owner to look for all possible ways of cutting financial corners, in order to secure and stabilize their bottom lines.

And usually, after many of the easy things that can be cut are done away with, one of the first things to go is insurance. Why pay for insurance in case something goes wrong, if your company might not even be there down the road? But it is vitally important that you do not succumb to this line of thinking. Especially with the insurance on your company’s fleet of automobiles and vehicles, you need a comprehensive insurance policy in place in order to protect your ultimate financial interests in the matter.

Bodily Injury Liability Protection

Commercial automobile insurance can protect you from a variety of different claims, but the most important one is bodily injury resulting from an accident that you or any of your employees are involved in while driving a company vehicle on company business. Bodily injury protection covers the medical costs that are incurred by other parties that are involved in an accident with either you or one of your employees, up to the limits of your policy.

Collision Coverage

Most commercial automobile insurance policies will also cover the damages inflicted to your vehicle or vehicles during an accident, leaving you to pay whatever deductible you set for your policy. Remember, the lower your deductible, the higher your monthly premium will be. In this way, commercial auto insurance is not all that different from individual auto insurance, except that a commercial policy will cover a fleet of vehicles and all of your employees under one policy.

Damages for Property Liability

Commercial auto insurance policies will also cover claims for damages that are incurred to personal property during an accident with you or one of your employees in a company vehicle. The rate to which the policy will pay is a predetermined amount.

Personal Injury Protection

Many commercial auto insurance policies will also cover the injuries of you or your employees up to a certain point, depending on the level of coverage you include in the policy.

Note, too, that with comprehensive commercial automobile insurance coverage, you will be protecting your entire fleet of vehicles, and you can also likely get a break on other forms of commercial insurance if you bundle all of your plans into one policy through a single insurance provider. But, do your research and find the best commercial auto insurance coverage policy that is right for you and your business.

There is much, much more to a Commercial Auto Insurance Policy in Florida, and the best way to understand how it will protect your business is to Request a Quote to discuss your unique situation.