Go for the Add-On Sales

[IMAGE]Often our service position gives an opportunity to anticipate and meet customer needs with add-on sales. This isn’t high-pressure selling. It can be a real service to your customer.

Examples: A shoe salesperson asks a customer if they would like to try some new lifetime guarantee socks or comfortable, padded inserts. A shirt sales rep shows a customer a matching tie, an auto mechanic suggests a car wash; a major appliance sales rep recommends an extended warranty, etc.

Sometimes our add-on sales opportunities aren’t quite so obvious.

Be creative. To get you thinking along these lines, make a list of possible add-on sales for your products. As with any creative effort, the first few ideas will come easily but push yourself to expand the list as far as possible. If you come up with 10 ideas, try for 20. Often it’s the last few ideas, painfully pulled out, that work the best.

Excerpt from 50 Powerful Ideas You can Use To Keep Your Customers.