Business 5 in 5 with Chris Rozum

Chris Rozum

5 Questions in 5 Minutes

An interview with Chris Rozum, Founder/CEO of Insite Managed Solutions in Cape Coral,

What services and products does your company provide?

At the end of the day, we help our clients execute operationally. We go into wherever they have operational departments and usually in those areas there are a bunch of people. It could be a call center where they’re answering a bunch of calls, emails, chats with clients. It could be in their retail locations or even in their field techs. How we help them varies and is very specific to the different clients.

They may want help executing because they want to train their people how to manage that frontline and hourly staff differently. It may be that they want to do some type of transformation involving how they’re operating today. We’ll go in and do a diagnostic and provide them with what the future could look like using a bunch of use cases from the 200 plus companies we’ve had exposure to. Some need help executing because they have a gap in their staff’s capability. So, our team will go onsite and function as a team member working side by side with their people.

How did you come to be in this position with insight?

It goes back quite far. I grew up in an entrepreneurial family, in a Ford dealership. And at 14 in South Dakota you could get a driver’s license and drive. So, at 14, I went to my dad and said, “I want a job.” So, he put me to work washing cars full time during the summer months. And then, over a period of time, he moved me around to all the different roles. I went to the oil rack, to the body shop, to the parts room, shop manager, sales, the accounting side. I got to touch all the different aspects of the business, which I found interesting.

When I got out of the auto world, my first operational experience was at Gateway Computers. I went from there to a small IT training and certification company. Microsoft was very, very new and we went to the owner and said, we think there’s something to this Microsoft company. We started the first Microsoft Training Center in South Dakota.

I got to a point along my journey where I was kind of getting bored with the corporate world and I got some advice that I thought made sense that if I’m going to go out on my own, don’t go get a Subway franchise because you’ve never done that work before. Stay in your lane of expertise. And, 13 years ago we started Insite. It’s been an interesting journey since.

What are your measures for business success?

We look at how many clients we have within what we call our “core portfolio.” And, we look for that number to always be growing quarter over quarter. And, part of that is we don’t want to lose our clients along the way. So, we have to get fairly creative when we help improve some operational problem. Interestingly enough, our very first client, an Atlanta based financial organization, is still buying our services today.

Concurrent to that, we keep a close watch on how many consultants we have in the organization. It’s an interesting barometer of growth. We’re at a point where we’re adding anywhere from two to three consultants a month and we want that trend to continue. There’s a direct correlation between that and revenue. Other goals get more tactical. Are we hitting timeline? Are we getting done for our clients what we signed up to go do? And we don’t miss on either of those. So, we just go make that happen.

What are a few characteristics of your company that you can point to that you’re truly proud of?

We are not like the big consultancies that are out there. We know our domain of expertise. It’s in operational environments where there’s a bunch of humans in some type of hourly earnings situation. Our people speak with data, numbers, and process. Because of that domain expertise, we’re not bringing in a bunch of generalists. We’re able to make a difference in much, much faster timelines at a lower price point of the big firms and add significantly more value. And, where I get humbled with our group a little bit is they care as much about the work that we’re doing and the impact that we have as if they were an internal employee in our client’s company.

What can we expect to see out of Insite and your market sector within the next five years?

As a company, we want to continue to be creative with our clients. That enables the growth pace to continue. At that point, we expect to be somewhere between 225 to 250 consultants, all of which we’re relocating to southwest Florida. Technology’s moving at an incredibly rapid pace, through machine learning and AI and data availability and how phone calls are now transcribed into millions of words. What do you go do with that? We will continue to go deep down the science side of what we have out there operationally, continuing to get creative with our clients on how they employ some of that tech.

Now, what do we do with the human workforce, which is not going anywhere in our lifetime, but whose skill level is going to change drastically over the next five years. They’re no longer going to be, if they are in a call center, no longer going to be answering a billing question. They’re going to be much more technical. It’s going to be really interesting to watch how that world evolves and transforms over this period of time.

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