Florida Skin Center and Founder Named Top Practice and Top National Skin Cancer Screener


The American Society for Dermatologic Surgery (ASDS) has awarded certificates of achievement to Florida Skin Center and its Founder and Medical Director Aurora Badia, M.D., D.O., as the 2019 Top Practice and Top National Screener.

This is the ASDS’ way of recognizing individual members who provide the most skin cancer screenings through Choose Skin Health — a year-round partnership with Neutrogena® that provides free skin checks to the public.

Florida Skin Center completed 1,804 of the 4,908 screenings for the ASDS’ 2018-19 program year. Over two years ago, the adult/pediatric dermatological facility launched an ongoing campaign called “Get Your Skin in the Game and Check It!” Its providers conduct head-to-toe skin examinations on anyone with an appointment, regardless of insurance, saving patients (called guests) at all four locations between $15 and $91. Guests are then introduced to a skin regimen tailored to their individual needs.

As a result of Florida Skin Center’s ASDS-related initiatives, it is being featured in an ASDS news publication, on the ASDS website, and in marketing and promotional materials for the Choose Skin Health skin cancer screening program.

Dr. Badia and Dr. Chetan Vedvyas, Director of Mohs Micrographic Surgery and Dermatologic Oncology, also accepted these prestigious awards among their peers at the 2019 ASDS Conference in Chicago.

“Achieving this milestone is not about the number of free skin checks we performed. It is about transforming the health care experience. No one should ever lose a loved one to skin cancer, and providing free screenings to any person at any age is just one way we demonstrate our passion for serving and caring for others,” said Dr. Badia. “Besides elevating awareness for protection and early detection of skin cancer, we welcome and treat our guests with unequaled respect and compassion. It is my honor and privilege to work with an amazing team to improve the quality of health care and impact so many lives.”

Florida Skin Center also hosts free skin checks and free skin check events on select days of the year. The most recent one was on November 9th at the Fort Myers office. The practice completed 160 free skin checks.

For more information, call Florida Skin Center at (239) 231-1465. Online at FloridaSkinCenter.com.