Intrepid Aerospace has entered into a lease agreement with the Lee County Port Authority for Intrepid Aircraft Maintenance, a Maintenance, Repair, and Overhaul (MRO) facility and paint hangar encompassing more than 340,000 square feet in a new building to be constructed at Skyplex.

The Intrepid Aircraft Maintenance MRO would be one of the largest in the state—with capacity for up to 11 commercial jets the size of Boeing’s 737 series—and the paint hangar will be the state’s only facility able to accommodate large, wide-body aircraft, including Boeing’s 747 and 787.

The addition of a large-scale MRO at Southwest Florida International Airport will provide expanded services to all airlines, with 24/7 availability of certified technicians for troubleshooting, repairs, maintenance, aircraft and engine washing, heavy-maintenance service and more. With the MRO’s projected capital investment of more than $100 million and job generation of more than 500 high-paying jobs, Lee County Economic Development Office staff anticipate the economic impact of the Intrepid Aircraft Maintenance MRO will be game-changing for Lee County and Southwest Florida. 

Intrepid Aerospace was formed in 2010 and provides FAA-certified repair and overhaul services at its current facility in Fort Myers, including structural and advanced composite components, hydraulic, pneumatic, electromechanical, engine mounts, windows and cabin modules. An application for the Intrepid Aircraft Maintenance MRO has been submitted to the FAA, according to President and CEO Juan M. Mendez.