How Good Businesses Get Better

In my many years of consulting with business owners, I have found a few consistent things that are common among the most successful ones. More than anything else, they are learners.
Many of the owners I work with could be consultants themselves. They know business and they know their business. However, they are constantly looking to know it better. They search for new ideas and ways to be more efficient. They look at new markets and methods and how to hire and keep the best people. They know when they sit down with a consultant or business advisor that they may already know 95 percent of what that person will share with them. However, they also know that the additional 5 percent may make a big difference in how their business grows, if it closes or how profitable it will be. They consistently seek knowledge and the best practices.
Today I met with one of my clients, Dan Puleio from Cape Cleaners. He is always working on his business. He has been recognized as the “Best Dry Cleaner” in Cape Coral for many years, but he wants to reach more people and grow his business.
As an example, he recently launched a pick-up and delivery service for both residential and commercial customers. He thought of implementing this service because he reads industry trade magazines to stay abreast of market trends.
He shared the idea with me and we evaluated it together based on all the available information. The findings were that it appeared to be a good idea. Some owners would leave it at that and move forward. However, Dan contacted a successful consultant that specializes in dry cleaning route development because he wanted to learn all he could to best prepare for this new venture. Dan has been very successful with the development of his route business and it has augmented his already-successful business. Today, we sat down to map out how to take his route business to the next level. Always learning, always growing!
How are you growing? What are you learning? Could you be more profitable? No matter how you do it, keep learning and seeking new knowledge to make your business healthy.
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