Consider This Challenge: #10wordchallenge

Now that the Cape EDO’s 4th Wednesday BizChat has swelled to nearly 90 people attending each month, the rules have changed. Instead of having time to give a 30-second elevator speech highlighting your business, product or service, each attendee gets just 10 seconds, or about 10 words.
Believe it or not, that’s a good thing. It essentially forces every participant to think through exactly what it is they most want prospective customers and clients to know in order to choose them.
Here are four key questions to help make that deep dive:
  • What does your business do, provide or offer? (Consider the real guts of it versus a laundry list.)
  • Who are your ideal customers? (It’s hard to target anything if your target customer is everyone.)
  • What distinguishes you from others in your field? What do you do differently or far better than your competitors?
  • What is the emotional appeal? Is there some aspect of your product or service that provides a clear benefit to your customers?
Russ Winstead mentions Cape Cleaners in this month’s article, and I agree that Dan Puleio has gone out of his way to distinguish himself from other cleaners by providing a unique pick-up and delivery service.
For someone starting a cleaning business, the questions might narrow the focus to: commercial cleaning, not residential, within Cape Coral and Fort Myers; overnight services provided using environmentally friendly products; and background checks on staff to ensure safety.
For my team at HD PR Group, the discussion might be: We create beautiful print and digital ads, copy and visuals for content development, crisis communications, media buys, news releases, email marketing, social media and videos. Our ideal clients are municipalities, public agencies and mid-size to large corporations. What we do best is strategize with our clients to ensure that any paid campaign is tailored to their particular strengths and targeted customer base. We love to develop campaigns with purpose that serve the greater good. (74 words)
So #in10words, this might look like: “Delivering strategic, multichannel campaigns for municipalities, agencies seeking meaningful results.”
Now it’s your turn. Whether you are considering a business, new in business or have been in business for a long time, this is an exercise worth pursuing. We’d like to give you an opportunity to share your 10-word story on our Cape Coral EDO Facebook page. Please like the page and add your 10-word story under the 10 Word Challenge post. Don’t forget to add the hashtags: #10wordchallenge  #in10words
MerriBeth Farnham is celebrating 20 years as a business owner in 2018. The owner of HD PR Group, she will share marketing tips in this newsletter every other month to inspire and inform local business owners.