Best of Both Worlds – Put Your QuickBooks for Windows Desktop in the Cloud


If you are new to business accounting, you might only know of QuickBooks as the web-based QuickBooks Online Edition. However, old-timers will know that the “real” small business accounting workhorse for several decades has been Intuit’s flagship product, QuickBooks for Windows Desktop.

As businesses grew, they added QuickBooks users through computer networks – usually peer-to-peer or client-server networks. Acquiring and maintaining a network server turned out to be rather costly, leaving an opening for new solutions.


Intuit’s answer was to create a web-based version of QuickBooks that could be accessed from anywhere with an internet connection. Initially, the web version mimicked the desktop program. However, several years ago, QBO underwent a major overhaul (not for the better) and now bears no resemblance to the desktop product that had served the small business community so well for so many years.

Accountants and business users familiar with both QBO and the Windows desktop program know that the web-based app is difficult to navigate and lacks functionality that comes standard in the Windows desktop program.

Fortunately, there is a superior solution for businesses that want to keep the robust functionality of the Windows desktop program without spending an arm and a leg on a server network. It is called “the Cloud.” All your favorite apps, including QuickBooks and Excel, can be hosted on a remote server and made available to multiple users via an internet connection.

Hosting QuickBooks for Windows Desktop in the Cloud is also a superior solution because it can be accessed by a variety of devices, even Mac and Android mobile devices. The software resides on the server not on the device, eliminating compatibility issues.

Cloud-hosted QuickBooks for Windows Desktop is also the best choice from a security perspective. Local desktops and networks are extremely vulnerable to hardware failures, hackers, and natural disasters. With the Cloud, you can choose a host that has the highest standards of security from all threats.

Bookkeepers Plus offers Cloud-hosted QuickBooks for Windows Desktop. Contact me if you want to see it in action.

Tony Solgard, a QuickBooks Advanced Certified ProAdvisor, is president of Bookkeepers Plus, located in Cape Coral and Bonita Springs, Florida, and providing bookkeeping services to businesses nationwide.