Earn Trust with Customers Online


Earn Purchasers Trust

Gaining trust in face-to-face meetings is more than just your words. It is how you say the words, your tone, your body language, your appearance, etc. Your online customers don’t have that luxury, they only see and read through your website.  Building trust takes a different set of skills and presentation.

Here are a few ideas to utilize:

  • Offer your contact information
  • Provide a money-back guarantee
  • Offer free trials or demos
  • Display customer testimonials
  • Use trusted 3rd parties for payment (Authorize.net or similar)
  • Have an ‘About Us’ page
  • Become a member of known associations, organizations, etc.
  • Provide a Privacy Policy
  • Add photos of you, your staff, your building, your warehouse, etc.
  • Add videos of you, your staff and customer testimonials
  • Have a professional looking website
  • Eliminate typos, spelling mistakes and grammatical errors
  • Don’t throw in any surprises