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Health Benefits of Positive Thinking


Researchers continue to explore the effects of positive thinking on our health.

The health benefits include:

  • Increased life spanpositive thinking
  • Lower rates of depression
  • Lower levels of distress
  • Greater resistance to the common cold
  • Better psychological and physical well-being
  • Reduced risk of death from cardiovascular disease
  • Better coping skills during hardships and times of stress

It’s unclear why positive thinkers experience these health benefits. One theory is that you are able to cope better with stressful situations; which reduces stress on your body.

Do You Share Content?


When was the last time you shared content with a power referral source?
Telephone calls mean more
I bet it’s been awhile. It’s time to pick up the telephone to connect when and how you’ll share each other’s content. By sharing content, you are reaching their audience — getting your name out there to new prospects. Plus, doing an exchange, the cost is right.

Yep, I did say call on the telephone. Doing an exchange requires high touch and email / text is NOT high touch.

Are you Google HTTPS Compliant?

Starting October 2017, Chrome (version 62) will show a “NOT SECURE” warning when users enter text in a form on an HTTP page, and for all HTTP pages in Incognito mode.
The new warning is part of a long term plan to mark all pages served over HTTP as “not secure”.
Starting in October any web pages with form inputs such as contact forms will be required to use HTTPS or they will display a security warning to the site visitor.
Google also indicates in the future ALL WEB PAGES will need to use HTTPS or visitors will be given a security warning message.


What Needs To Be Done

  1. Purchase & Install SSL Certificate
  2. Force use of HTTPS via HTML code throughout website (including elements within web page).
  3. Redirect Non-SSL URLs (web addresses) to use HTTPS
  4. Update Sitemaps for Search Engines
  5. Notify Google of the change.

What are my options as site owner?

If you choose NOT to comply with Google policy, you will risk turning away customers at the very least due to the security warning.
Removing any contact forms and email links is a temporary work around. Long term Google will expect your entire site to be “secure”.
I would also expect non-compliance will lead to Google de-listing you from their index. They have not officially announced that yet, however it would not make sense for them to direct searchers to sites that violate their directives.

Why is Google changing this policy?

Technically there is no need to “secure” any web page that does NOT transmit any private data. “Best Practices” has been to ONLY encrypt (secure) sensitive data being transmitted over websites. This includes data such as the checkout page of a shopping cart. I suspect the change in policy is due to the increase in cyberattacks and hacking. While a webpage that is “unsecure” is no threat today, sometime in the future hackers may devise a way to exploit any webpage. Unfortunately I have no control over the policies Google sets and just have to help my clients comply with them.

Do You Test? Try it and see how you do.


Find the optimal time to reach your audience by testing different days and times to send email marketing messages.

Let’s say you run a restaurant that is busy Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. But Monday and Tuesday are quiet. Create a special and send out your email message mid-Monday afternoon. People are still tired from the weekend and may not feel up to cooking dinner, so tempt them with your special offer via email.

I bet you’ve already thought of a few other ideas for marketing your business.

Excellence in Nonprofit Performance Yearly awards nominations now open


Cape Coral Community Foundation to recognize organizations and individuals who make an impact in Southwest Florida

Michael Chatman, president and CEO of the Cape Coral Community Foundation, invites the Southwest Florida community to nominate outstanding local nonprofit organizations, leaders and partners for the inaugural Excellence in Nonprofit Performance Yearly awards (The ENPYs). Criteria, instructions and nomination forms are available at ENPYAwards.com. Finalists and winners will be recognized at the inaugural awards luncheon on Wednesday, Oct. 18, 2017 at Crowne Plaza Bell Tower in Fort Myers.

Up to three finalists will be selected in each of the following categories by a panel of judges.

  • Nonprofit Organization of the Year (established more than three years ago)
  • Nonprofit Rising Organization of the Year (established less than three years ago)
  • Nonprofit Executive of the Year (CEO, president, executive director)
  • Nonprofit Board Leader of the Year (board member)
  • Nonprofit Employee of the year (paid staff member)
  • Nonprofit Volunteer of the Year (individual who serves the organization and/or community)
  • Nonprofit Business Partner of the Year (business who supports nonprofits and the community)

In addition, the Michel Doherty Community Impact Award and the Paul Sanborn Service Above Self Award will be presented to two inspirational individuals. The Organization of the Year and Rising Organization of the Year will each be awarded a grant from the Cape Coral Community Foundation. Application submissions are due Tuesday, September 12, 2017 at 10 a.m.

Chatman said, “Those who dedicate themselves to nonprofit work are not motivated by recognition and honors. However, it’s important to celebrate their contributions in making Southwest Florida the best place it can be and let the community be inspired by those who, up until now, have served as our hardworking, unsung heroes.”

Confirmed sponsors thus far include LCECCONRIC PR & MarketingSuncoast Beverage and Wicked Dolphin. Additional sponsorships are currently available. For more information, visit TheENPYs.com.

The Cape Coral Community Foundation, also known as the Global Center for Generosity, is a nonprofit organization created to help generous civic-minded donors that make a positive impact on their community and beyond. It works to grow philanthropy and strengthen society by encouraging endowments, addressing public needs and providing community leadership. For more information, call 239-542-5594 or visit CapeCoralCF.org.

Would Your Site Be Missed?

Here’s a question to ask yourself, “would anyone miss your content if it was deleted/erased?”
Writing Great Content
If the answer is no, well — it’s time to rethink your content strategy. I know, it’s frustrating because you’ve worked hard, sweated over each word, toiled over which subjects to write about, etc. I get it.Writing great content that customers want and anticipate takes practice, time and testing. Don’t fret. Keep writing because each article, social media post, and new website article will get you closer to your goals.

Foundation thanks new Business Impact partner, Wicked Dolphin

The Global Center for Generosity at Cape Coral Community Foundation partners with community-minded companies that use their employees’ time, skills and other resources to improve the quality of life in our community.
Wicked Dolphin is a fountain of inspiration for generous companies and community humanitarians. Here are five things every company can learn from Wicked Dolphin to drive greater social impact in our community:
  1. Wicked Dolphin is a generous responsible company driven by values-driven leadership.
  2. Wicked Dolphin exemplifies the best practices in being a conscious company and making the triple bottom line a reality.
  3. Wicked Dolphin has uncovered insights for increased employee engagement and a thriving company culture.
  4. Wicked Dolphin knows what it means to be truly inclusive, diverse, and open as a company.
  5. Wicked Dolphin works across generations, industries, and regions to harness innovative ideas.
Joann Elardo, Wicked Dolphin Founder, has made the leap from social entrepreneur to authentic leader. For more information about Wicked Dolphin, visit wickeddolphinrum.com.
Also noteworthy, Wicked Dolphin is a proud supporter of the Cape Coral Animal Shelter, visit website: www.capecoralanimalshelter.com.
Join the Cape Coral Foundation Business Impact Membership today!  Receive benefits, free trainings, exclusive resources – and adopt your favorite charity to participate in the Grants Partnership Program.  Join now by calling: (239) 542-5594.

Southwest Florida Healthcare executive Scott Kashman joins Real Men Give


Cape Coral resident Scott Kashman, Chief Acute Care Officer at Lee Health, is now a member of ‘Real Men Give.’

The concept behind Real Men Give is simple. Each man brings a $500 check to one annual meeting. The men then vote for the nonprofits they feel should receive a grant. They set a goal to raise $25,000 and award the group’s first grant after the first year.

The charitable investors club for men, powered by the Global Center for Generosity at Cape Coral Foundation, is attracting interest throughout Southwest Florida. There are no fundraising events. Simply give $500 annually and collectively give the money away.

“The Cape Coral Foundation has made amazing strides in less than one year. The staff and board leadership is inspiring!” – Scott Kashman

To join ‘Real Men Give’, call (239) 542-5594.

Paws Before Sending Email Messages


Pause, there are four questions to ask yourself before ‘sendingask questions‘.

  • Is it necessary?
  • Does a random teenager understand it?
  • Is it personalized, but not in a creepy way?
  • Did you spell check, even the subject line?

A study by Radicati Group uncovered that the average professional sends and receives “121 business messages every day”. People are overwhelmed and that is the number one reason people unsubscribe — too much communication.

Before you ‘hit’ send, take a minute to answer these four questions.

Yes, we spelled the word ‘pause’ incorrectly in the subject line on purpose — giving you more food for thought.

Ask for Referrals 


ask for referrals to iEditWeb.com





Always ask a satisfied customer for referrals!  Ask for the names of people who might also like to buy from you. Get addresses and phone numbers and follow-through with a call or card.

While this is a common practice among large ticket sales, it can also be used in hundreds of other situations. Suppose you call people to introduce yourself and invite them to come to your business. Most people will be surprised and pleased by a personal invitation like that. And it beats sitting around hoping someone will come in.

Of course, the more information you can get about a referred person the better. But don’t make giving referrals a big job for your customer. A name and address or phone number are all you need. You can look up other data if necessary.